Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Why violence against the weaker is so accepted? Is it too dangerous to go in the middle?

Trying to find an answer because it appears to be and have been the easiest way to manifest one's power position and humanity irony being to behave like an animal is acceptable. To prove one's excellence in the eyes of buddies is at the core of this problem. Show excellence via hate and violence is one way to tell tools are few and vulnerability is a shame, shaming being something which organically is part of our behaviour. We must be ashamed of certain things, bullying is not one of those things. To be vulnerable and humbly trying to understand one's power in a different kind of way is too much to ask for many. Weak spots must be noticed and hated. Weakness being gender, sexuality, looks, fragility, occupation, background, ethnicity, religion, possession, anything, something the other has or hasn't got or is afraid. It is a matter of comparison. For some to win is to bully and repeat, to look big and powerful. Something interesting there is in sameness and enforcing that powerful sameness which has appeal like uniforms, rock music and leather jackets. You are the man and you are correct, you are correcting, you are forcing to obey. There are men and women who enjoy having power over those who they think are weak and should be controlled. To make sure suffering comes to those who deserve it due to their weakness is the idea or bully is passing forward suffering he or she has faced. To deserve bad treatment is kind of an educational idea to alter and break those who don't belong, who dare to do and think differently, a punishment via self-made laws, rules and ideas of what is good, what is good to be. Bullying is passing forward negative emotions, experiences and continuing a history.

Bullies don't know better because they usually haven't been given taste of their own medicine and they truly do not understand the other point of view. It is incomprehensible so much so that the issue has to be put into little pieces and be fed just as carefully as you were feeding a baby. This goes for feminism and communism for instance, and art. Bullies stay safe among those who think the same strengthened by ideology of the traditional strong, traditions play a big part. Bullies enforce their universe blocking out all other ways of being as to support the supposed weakness would make bullies weak as well. How to know what is truly weak and what is strong: to recognise one's own weak performance would be too much wisdom to ask. Bullies are not able to do and think otherwise because they are afraid to change, they can talk about progress and change, change happening on surface of the structures. Fear is strangely the one biggest issue here, ironically, threat, feeling threatened by the weak, by weakness, afraid of an infection and loss. Losing a game, losing wealth, losing position, losing job, losing friends etc are fears generating hate, one of course becoming hated oneself and alone. Bullies liking their mainstream universe where they have been able to make their laws, comfort and have learned that laws of their own are power, are powerful and obeyed. This is how you get ahead in the world, by oppressing, abusing, creating suffering and that is power. They have gotten away with behaving and thinking this way. One can ask how is it possible still, obviously very easily. 

Bullying often is done in groups against one person. Easy deduction would be to stop being weak. To become strong might mean one should learn to defend oneself, hit back, be proud of what oneself is to respect oneself. Are we, weak ones, not proud enough? There is something wrong with us or humanity is truly realising its nature in violence? How not seem weak when weakness is to be the opposite of the bully. Question is how to rip off power off the bully. It happens by shaming as that is one of the worst fears in masculine and macho world.

So not to become a bully oneself, but be able to show strength, is something else than putting down those who don't belong in the circle of the similar and nonstop repetition but put down bullies. We probably do not survive without use of violence, question of what kind of means one wants to put in use. Mainstream is the strong and to fit in there is to imitate, to be able to imitate is strength oddly. The ones, who do not either want to imitate to fit in or simply can't as the idea of human in mainstream is so narrow, almost opposite of creative, one must get creative in a new way and find inner strength which will carry forward. That requires strength against all odds. To cultivate one's creativeness is one tool to empower oneself and understand what creativeness can be.

How do you do that when you are all grown up and you think you know everything and means are few? People get bullied as adults as well, maybe even by the same kind of types that lurked at ground school corridors and classrooms. Some people do not evolve from that stage. It is too demanding a task. They stay the same and they think that is power.

Bullying is a social menace which is difficult to tackle. It must be taken more seriously as it causes tragedies and longtime suffering. It is obviously very build-in in our ways of behaving and thinking. Humiliation is something many people like doing, be it children or co-workers whom some like to shame and bully, or total strangers who look like ideal targets, anybody who shows something to laugh at, kill and violate.

'He physically blocked my escape': Bullies leaving a trail of destruction.


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