Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Cowardice is the cancer.

She has to be beaten down, so that she won't have any feeling of power left in her. She will be easy to govern when she is scared and does not understand her rights. That she feels herself powerless, insignificant, scared, alone, defenceless and pathetic in her given role which is inescapable. She feels subhuman without power, is treated as such because she has no way to defend herself. Her power is to settle and submit to those who hold power over her. She begins to believe this is true and there is nothing she can do to change that. Lot of women around the world are still treated this way, as cattle who do not have dignity, who are not granted permission for having self-worth, to be something else than beings living under someone else's will.

It has been a conversation once, maybe still today, do women have souls. Soul which is a sign of divinity within which men have. Divinity of men, divine in men who are godly, who act accordingly and are allowed to think women do not have the same divinity within. Women are not worthy because there is the divine that is against them. 

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